October/November 2022 Release: Cabernet Franc & Goldvein

2020 Cabernet Franc:  This Cab Franc is medium-bodied with a brilliant ruby color and aromas of red cherries, vanilla, and clove. It has a delicate, fruit-forward flavor with accents of bell pepper and a smooth finish, pairing perfectly with pizza and pasta dishes. 

Goldvein: You need to try this… it’s a skin-fermented white wine. Discover the structure, intensity and intrigue of a red wine without the weight and heaviness. Sometimes these are called “orange” wines because of the golden amber color. They are not made from oranges. This is a very ancient style of wine not some new fad or gimmick. This is what wine might have been like in Biblical times, except for the modern biochemistry, sanitation, and all that good stuff.