April/May 2023 Release: 2022 First Frost & 2021 Jacob Christopher Chardonnay

NEW Release!
2022 First Frost Vidal Blanc: This sold-out customer favorite is back!
Allowed extended hang time in the vineyard and picked at the first frost in the fall, the flavor and sweetness of these Cognac grapes is at at their most intense of the season. Fermentation is halted before all the sugars are converted to alcohol. With the aromas of honeysuckle and flavors of candied pear, this Vidal is an excellent partner to a cheese platter or spicy foods.

2021 Jacob Christopher Chardonnay: Drop your Chardonnay preconceptions. This Virginia Chardonnay is NOT an over-oaked butter bomb. It is bright and lively. This wine is unoaked and crafted completely in stainless steel to preserve the fresh and vibrant fruit character. It is assertive and well-structured with a crisp, clean finish.